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Lot's of exciting stuff is happening them days. Including a new website under a new domain since we merge several companies into one as well do we relocate during 2012. Moving 1/2 around the globe to Durban, to be exact it is Umhlanga Rocks. Stay tuned for details at the last quarter of 2012. Check our new social media presence at different places. Feel free to get in touch using the contact page. T.E. ;-)

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2012 over the zenith and we are in the second half. We are allready working on 2013 stuff. The 2012 Dakar Rally Adven-Tour still in mind do we aim at 5th of January 2013! What a blast for our clients it was. Extreme pleasant new part in Peru to Lima. Not new to us, we have Peru dunes and off-roading since several year in our program. Coming up: Baja 1000 Desert Off-Road Race in Mexico Fall 2012.

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Our new "loCo" line is to launch soon - Start 2013 in Durbs "loCo" as of crazy in Espanol (hey, you - our clients named it....), different flavored Energy Drinks, Pura Vida Water – Healthy Hydration, Fragrance, Loco Liquids Wear. It's a new challenge for us working within another industry even having spme background with the "big guns". If there are any changes you find the info posted at the loCo website.

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